No, we used to have a Puppy Culture Breeder Map program, which was a global listing of breeders who used Puppy Culture.

However we ran into issues with reports of breeders being dishonest about how much they did of the Puppy Culture program, and quickly realized this program (as it was then) was not dynamic enough to tackle such a complex topic. We shut the Breeder Map down several years ago, and had no plans to revive it until recently. However, after a LOT of requests...

We are currently working on a replacement for the Puppy Culture breeder map! But it's going to be a lot different in practice than the map was. Due to the complexity of this topic, it's still very in-progress and a long-term project.

So at this point, puppy buyers must ask prospective breeders if they use Puppy Culture on their own. Ideally be familiar with the program so you can ask breeders what they do from the program, what they've found helpful from the film with their litters, and what they do differently. Most breeders will be happy to talk with you about what they do when they raise their litters! You can also ask breeders if they have any video of themselves doing any of the protocols with their current or previous litters.