Short answer?

Puppy Culture is a program to teach breeders and puppy owners how to raise behaviorally sound puppies. We touch only lightly on husbandry and medical issues.

Newborn to New Home (NB2NH) is a course where you get a day by day, every day, for 72 days, view into exactly what to do with your puppies, including husbandry and medical issues.

There is some overlap of subject matter, but no repeated information.  Everything in NB2NH will be new to you, even if you've seen Puppy Culture.

Here is the long answer:

The best way I can answer this is to explain the background for each.

We made Puppy Culture because in my dog training practice I saw a multitude of problems that stemmed from the dog missing out on something in the very early part of his life.  As a dog breeder, I realized that a lot of things that present as "behavior problems" are really not defects in the dog's temperament or personality, but a failure or omission in training or socialization during the critical socialization period.  

And breeders have puppies for most of the critical socialization period, yet most breeders don't do much training or socialization.  

So Puppy Culture is very specifically directed toward teaching breeders and puppy owners what they should be doing to raise behaviorally sound puppies.  I deliberately did not get a lot into husbandry in Puppy Culture both because I wanted to focus the topic and because I truly believed at the time that specific training and husbandry advice was really out there already and and not need to be re-hashed.  I did not think people really needed to know how warm to keep their whelping box or how to handle lactation issues or failing puppies, because I felt others had covered that.

I also felt that things such as crate training had been so well covered by so many trainers that it would be superfluous for me to address it beyond the detail that we give in Puppy Culture. It never even occurred to me that breeders would struggle with litter training.  It had always come very naturally to us with our litters.

But I was very wrong about this.  I was underestimating how much of what we think of as common knowledge is really pretty high-level stuff. I was also overestimating the quality of the available resources, because when I tried to find places to refer people for knowledge, I realized that the available resources were extremely weak or downright incorrect.

So the questions kept flooding in on things such as lactation, failing puppies, nutrition, weaning, toilet training and crate training and it became clear to Mark and me that there is a HUGE knowledge gap out there when it comes to the actual, hands on, raising and training of puppies.

That is why we made Newborn to New Home.  We filmed our last litter, every day (literally, every day) for the entire ten weeks that we keep the puppies.  We talk about ALL the topics related to raising a litter, from lactation and neonate care to where to buy equipment and toys to litter and crate training to placements and helping puppies transition to new homes. 
Unlike Puppy Culture, which is a highly edited and concise film, NB2NH is a course with 272 multimedia units - daily video with ebooks, spreadsheets, pdfs, and audio files. 

Although you will see all the Puppy Culture protocols in NB2NH, there is no repeat material.  I present more detail and tips and the science behind the protocols.  I also present some of my most popular seminar topics within the course.