Generally breeders want to send home something with their puppies so the training and socialization can transition smoothly to the new owner. 

You can join our affiliate program if you want your puppy owners to purchase their products on their own.

The most common products breeders include are the Puppy Culture film, Attention is the Mother of All Behavior film, the Exercise book, and the Spay/Neuter book.

We do recommend breeders provide or ask their puppy owners to purchase the Puppy Culture film. This will show what you've done with your litter, as well as what needs to be continued in the new home - it also covers socialization and how to pick a puppy class. 

The next most popular film to send home with puppies is Attention is the Mother of All Behavior. This covers how to train attention on the handler around distraction, which is an extremely helpful foundation skill. 

The Puppy Exercise book is a fantastic resource on age specific, safe exercise. 

The Spay/Neuter book is a comprehensive resource on the pros and cons of sterilizing dogs.

You can also include promotional information on Puppy Culture in your puppy packs!

Here's a guide on our puppy owner products, and here's a guide on our bundles for puppy owners as well.