First, you'll need to purchase the vouchers. You can see how to that in this article.

Next, log into your Puppy Culture account on the Puppy Culture website - Please use the "Account Login" option.

If this is your first purchase, you will need to activate your Puppy Culture account first - you will receive an email to do this when you purchase.

On your Account page, click "Access for Others" on your side menu.

This takes you to your orders that contain vouchers, click the correct order number that contained your vouchers.

Now you will be on your Voucher Dashboard. You can assign individual vouchers using the recipient's email address, then click "allow" to send that voucher to that person.

You can also revoke a voucher if you have sent it to the wrong email address, or the recipient does not claim it. Simply click "revoke" for that assigned voucher and then you can re-assign it. You should only revoke vouchers that say "awaiting" not "assigned."

If a voucher's status is "assigned" then you cannot revoke the voucher to re-assign it. If you revoke in the "assigned" state, you will not be able to assign that voucher again and your recipient will no longer be able to access their VOD.

If you happen to accidentally revoke an assigned voucher, please contact us at or through the support panel and we can give your recipient their access again.