To assign vouchers, first you will need to have purchased a voucher(s).
You can see how to do that in this article.

Note - If this is your first purchase, you will need to activate your Puppy Culture account before you follow the steps below. You received an email explaining how to do this when you purchased.

Voucher Order Confirmation Number

1. When you purchased the voucher(s) you will have received an order confirmation email. Before you begin, locate the 5 digit order number for that purchase, prefixed with #NPCO.

Log into your Puppy Culture account

2. On, click the “user” icon at the top of the page.

3. When prompted enter your Username and Password.

4. On My Account page, click the “Access For Others” link.

Assign Access For Others

5. On the Voucher Order History page, your purchased vouchers are listed. Click the correct order number (from step 1) that contained your vouchers.

6. On the Voucher Dashboard, to share a voucher, simply add the recipients email address and click Allow. They will be sent a notification email.

7. If the intended recipient doesn’t receive the voucher, you should suggest they check their spam folder.

8. Once they have access to the course, the voucher status in your dashboard will change to Assigned.

Revoking Access

9. You can also revoke a voucher if you have sent it to the wrong email address, or the recipient does not claim it.

Simply click “revoke” for that assigned voucher and then you can re-assign it.

However, you should only revoke vouchers that say “awaiting” and not “assigned.”