All of our product collections (both products and bundles) can be sorted by 'breeder' to let you see which products are suitable for breeders, puppy owners, trainers, etc.

The starting point and "core" of the Puppy Culture program is the original Puppy Culture film (DVD or VOD). This is the best entry point for the program if you're unsure you'll like it or are on a budget.

You can learn more about what's covered in the Puppy Culture film by visiting our Quick Start guide.

Our Puppy Culture Breeder Workbook is also for breeders specifically, so you can keep on track with the Puppy Culture program.

In our Unplugged series, only Shaping Emotional Responses is breeder-specific. However, the rest of the films (Attention is the Mother of All Behavior, Puppy Party, Puppy Scent Games) may be helpful for breeders as well, so feel free to browse and see what sounds like it could be helpful. 

The Show Training Series is helpful if you know you're going to be breeding for the show ring. The first of the series, Killer Free Stacks, is great to start with puppies especially.

The book When Pigs Fly is not specific to raising puppies or breeding, however if you're interested in learning more about dog training or continuing the training started in Puppy Culture, it's a great resource.

The Puppy Exercise Book and the Spay/Neuter Book are mostly aimed at puppy owners, however they're great resources to include in puppy packs!

The Puppy Exercise Poster is a great quick-reference if you're often raising puppies of your own, too.

We also have many breeder bundles.