As a new puppy owner, we strongly recommend that you purchase, at a minimum, Puppy Culture: The Original Film.

This is the same film that breeders and new puppy owners are using to raise puppies all over the world. Even though it focuses on the first twelve weeks of a puppy’s life, there are over 30 lessons (2 hours and 34 minutes) encompassed in several chapters that are directed specifically to prospective puppy families that can be applied well after the 12 week mark. 

With that said, we have created a free Puppy Buyers Playlist. This will guide you through the chapters in the film that we think are the ones you should focus on first when training your new puppy, as well as answer questions that many others have asked. Again, we do recommend that you eventually go back and watch all the other chapters in the film as it explains how Puppy Culture works. 

The other film we recommend is Attention is the Mother of All Behaviors, which shows you how to teach your puppies (or even adult dogs!) that a distraction is a cue to pay attention to you. 

One other item that might be of interest to you is our Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet. The Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet is an important guide to raising a puppy in a healthy and safe way and will help you keep your puppy from injury while they are growing up. If every puppy owner would read and follow these guidelines, a huge number of behavioral issues and fractures could be avoided!

In addition to the exercise booklet we always recommend the Puppy Culture Spay/Neuter Booklet. The Spay Neuter booklet gives new puppy owners an overview of the factors to consider when deciding if and when spaying or neutering is the best for their dog.

Lastly, if you are not a member of our Puppy Culture Facebook Community we would encourage you to sign up.