First, you'll need to log into your Puppy Culture account, then go to your My Account page. 

On your My Account page, click 'Manage Access Tokens.'

You will be taken to your 'My Access Tokens'. Depending on if you have linked any General Access Tokens, you may need to reset one of your access tokens. 

If you need to reset one of your General Access Tokens, choose which device you'd like to remove and click "RESET THIS TOKEN". Doing this will free up this token to be linked to another device, or converted to a Roku Access Token.

Once you have an Available Access Token, click "CONVERT TO A ROKU ACCESS TOKEN" underneath the Access Token's unique code in the light blue box.

Now you will have a free Roku Access Token. You can now enter this Roku Access Token code to watch on your Roku device. You can see how to do this here.