First, you need to have already linked your device - you can learn how to do this here.

Once you've linked your device, you will need to navigate to your Video Library

On your "My Account" page, click "OUR SITES" at the top of the page.

Next, click "My Puppy Culture" under "Our Digital Solutions."

On the side bar, click "My Video Library."

In your Video Library, under each title you can see the "Select this title for chapter downloads" option. Please click the download icon.

NOTE - If you have already downloaded a title, you will see a popup asking if you'd like to switch which title you have downloaded. Click "Proceed" if you'd like to download a different title for offline viewing.

Under Chapters, you will select any or all chapters you'd like to download. You will need to click the download icon for each chapter to start the download, once they read "Ready To Download."

We recommend you bookmark your Video Library, or add a shortcut to your homescreen, so you can directly access your downloaded titles when you have no internet connection.