If you've been given a voucher code for one of our films, you'll first need to make a Puppy Culture Account. Please use this article to do this. 

Note - If you have already made purchases on our Puppy Culture website, please use this email address to see your purchase history and previously purchased VOD titles.

Note - if someone sent you a voucher via email, you will need to use this email address to make an account and see the film.

First, log into your Puppy Culture account, which will take you to your My Account page. Conversely, if you're already logged in, please click the "My Account" link on the homepage.

To redeem your voucher code, click the "MORE" button under "About Voucher Codes."

Next, enter the voucher code in the box and click "REDEEM" - this will take you automatically to your My Video Library.

If you have not already linked your device, please do so to access your My Video Library. Here's an article on how to do this.