First, log into your Puppy Culture account. Here's an article on how to do this. Once you log in, you will be taken automatically to your My Account page - if you're already logged in, just click "My Account" on the main page.

Once you're on your "My Account" page, you can either click "Can Betty Help?" or link your device manually. This guide details how to link your device manually - here's the guide on using Betty to link your device.

Click "Manage Access Tokens."

Once you're on your "My Access Tokens" page, you can select one of your Access Tokens. Copy this number to your clipboard, or write it down. You can copy this token (this is the icon on the left side of the box), or have the number read aloud (this is the icon on the right side of the box). For this, I will copy the token.

Once you've copied your Access Token, click the "Our Sites" at the top of the page.

This takes you to our site map. Next, click the "My Puppy Culture" link. 

This takes you to the "My Puppy Culture" hub. Next, click "My Video Library" link.

Your Video Library will currently not show any titles under "My Video Titles", and instead will tell you that your device is not linked to your Puppy Culture account. Click the gear at the top right of the screen.

This pulls up your User Settings. You can paste your copied access token in the "Access Token" box. You can opt to name this device as well in the "Device Name" box (I have left mine it's default name) and when you've finished, click the "SAVE" button at the top.

Now, when you view your Video Library, you will see your purchased titles under "My Video Titles" and can select one to watch!

If you find you need to re-link your device, despite having linked your device previously, please confirm you're using the same internet browser. You should not need to link your device more than once, unless you are viewing on a different internet browser. Further, before linking confirm you are not in Private Browsing Mode, Incognito Mode, or equivalent modes that prevent our website from saving your settings - this interferes with how our website works, and you should switch to regular modes to access our website fully.