First, sign into your Puppy Culture account.

If you do not have a Puppy Culture account, you will need to Create An Account - be sure to use the same email as you used for the purchased voucher(s).

You will be taken to your My Account page. 

Once here, select Manage Vouchers under the My Voucher Codes section.

Note: The My Voucher Codes section will only appear in your Puppy Culture account page if you have actually purchased some Vouchers.

This will take you to a page that shows all your vouchers, grouped into three categories: 

  • Unassigned;
  • Assigned (but not yet redeemed), and;
  • Redeemed

Scroll down past your Unassigned vouchers to your Assigned (but not yet redeemed) vouchers.

If you would like to resend a particular voucher, click the "Regenerate Code" option for that individual voucher.

This will reset the voucher and it will then appear in the Unassigned list. You can now send it to another email address for redemption.

You can only regenerate codes that have not already been redeemed.