There are three ways you can do this!

  1. Buy a DVD to gift to someone
  2. Buy a VOD / Streaming Voucher to send to someone
  3. Buy a gift card to send to someone

Buy a DVD or other products physical products. 

This works well if you are sure they can watch a DVD easily! You can purchase from either the US or UK store, or from Amazon.

Buy a VOD Voucher.

This works well if you know someone cannot watch DVDs or would prefer to stream the film online. You simply select the option "Buying for Someone Else" before you add a film to your cart. If you don't see this option when you add a film to your cart, double check and make sure you're not looking at a DVD.

Buy a Digital Gift Card.

This works well if you want to gift more than one product, want to let someone pick their own products, or are not sure if someone would want a DVD or streaming. Simply select the amount you want to put on the gift card and add to your cart. Here's a link to the digital gift card within the store.