If it’s been more than 4 business days, and you never received an email from us, reach out to us to let us know you’re waiting.

Make sure to select Quantity Discount in the Issue dropdown.

If it’s been less than 4 business days, just bare with us as we catch up on paperwork!

If the Quantity Discount button has changed, it is likely displaying the group that you belong to in our program.

If you were enrolled from an earlier point in time, it probably displays as a General Account.

There’s nothing wrong with this account, and it will work for most of our quantity discounts, no problem - but if you would like to specifically join the Breeder, Trainer or Organization group to see what special offers may be available to them, just Contact Us.

Keep in mind, this is only if you’ve already been approved for the general account, but would like to be part of one group specifically - otherwise you’ll have to follow the regular application process.