If you placed an order but didn’t see the discounts apply at checkout, there are four possible options:

  1. You were not signed in to the account with your quantity discount before you went to checkout

  2. Your account has not been approved for quantity discounts

  3. The items you purchased aren’t eligible for quantity discounts, or not enough of them were ordered to qualify

  4. Gremlins!

If you forgot to sign into your account, or gremlins are to blame, reach out to our support team about receiving a refund for your discount amount. Contact Us with your PC account email and make sure you put the order number in question after selecting Quantity Discount in the Issue drop-down.

If you’re not sure if the item was eligible for discounts, make sure you’re logged in to your Puppy Culture Account and then go to the product page - you will see the details of what numbers are required to receive discounts, and how much those discounts should be.

If you would like to apply to the discount program, see our directions here!

If your account has been denied for quantity discounts, you should have received an email to letting you know. Not sure why you weren’t approved? Visit our article here.