If you are a breeder, trainer or dog based organization, you may be eligible for Quantity Discounts!

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a breeder, trainer, or organization - you could be just starting out or established for 20 years! What we look for are organizations with legitimate websites that can fully articulate why and how they use Puppy Culture.

Dog breed type doesn’t matter to us, nor does the type of organization. Whether you’re a dog club, a rescue group, or service animal advocates, the important thing to us is advocates for the human-animal bond and behaviorally sound puppies!

Are Individuals Eligible for Discounts?

If you’re an individual member of an organization, contact your primary organizer to show them the discounts they can receive ordering for multiple members at once! Organizations can buy multiple products at our quantity discount prices to distribute to their members for a better price than individual orders are able to ship with.

Wait, I could be in one or more of these groups!

If you handle ordering for a dog based organization but are also a breeder/trainer, we recommend having a separate account for the organization and yourself so that you can apply for the organization through a general account and as a breeder or trainer with your personal one.

If you're both a breeder and a trainer, apply for the breeder application first.

Does my organization count?

All dog based organizations may be eligible, and it never hurts to apply!

Our application form should only take around 15 minutes to complete. Ready to apply? See our directions!

Who is not eligible for Quantity Discounts? 

Wholesale re-sellers are not eligible for Quantity Discounts. If you’re interested in becoming a distributor for Puppy Culture, look over at our Become a Distributor articles.