If you haven’t seen Puppy Culture yet, we recommend the Rockstar Show Puppies Bundle- it’s a great place to get started with Puppy Culture but also progress to show training! We have a version for both breeders and puppy owners This bundle allows beginners to jump right in, but also has enough in-depth material that knowledgeable show handlers will not be bored.

We have the Rockstar Bundle available for both breeders and puppy owners that vary slightly according to the needs differing between a breeder and a puppy owner. 
The breeder bundle can be found here on DVD or Video on Demand/Streaming.
The puppy owner bundle can be found here on DVD or on Video on Demand/Streaming.

If you are a beginner show handler but have already seen our Puppy Culture film, we recommend the Unplugged Series Show Training Bundle. The three films cover free and hand stacking, presentation, correct gait, and training dogs and puppies correctly. Each film can be watched alone, however for a complete education on show training we recommend all three videos along with Attention is the Mother of All Behaviors.