Have you seen our quick start guide? 

Typically we recommend breeders starting out with either our Workbook Bundle or the Getting Started Bundle - For Breeders

Let me outline the differences for you:

  • The Workbook Bundle includes the Puppy Culture: The Original Film that you are referring to, along with our Workbook that accompanies the film. The workbook is a weekly nuts and bolts timeline and organizer of what to do when, based on the development of YOUR puppies. If you like charts and record sheets and written instructions to supplement your film, then this is the right choice for you. We always encourage the purchase of the Laminated version if it is within your budget - puppies tend to be a mess and laminated pages help ensure your workbook will survive it!
  • The Getting Started Bundle - For Breeders includes everything in the Workbook Bundle (Puppy Culture: The Original Film and Workbook) along with the Attention is the Mother of All Behaviors Film (teaches puppies that distraction is cue for attention) and one of our popular Puppy Fitness Booklets (an easy to follow guideline of appropriate exercise for your growing puppy). This bundle is a fantastic starter kit for any breeder who wants to begin the Puppy Culture program with their litters. 
  • We also recommend the Puppy Culture Exercise Booklet and the Puppy Culture Spay Neuter Booklet for breeders to give out to their puppy owners. The exercise booklets discuss safe exercise practices and limits for young puppies that puppy owners may not know and the spay neuter booklet gives the reader the information to make an informed decision for if and when the best time to spay or neuter a puppy would be. 

If you only wanted to purchase one thing, or cost is a concern, then we definitely recommend starting with the Puppy Culture: The Original Film by itself. The workbook is a companion to this film and cannot be used without it. 

Of course if you want to jump right in and get the full Puppy Culture experience there is always the Full Power of Puppy Culture Bundle for Breeders.

Keep in mind we also have streaming of all of our films individually and in Video on Demand bundles if you would prefer that.