For breeders, we recommend the Puppy Culture Workbook Bundle. Not only does this bundle have the original Puppy Culture film, but it also includes our new workbook, which is a customizable and expandable timeline/organizer for you to use for your litter. It is based on the development of your puppies and has charts, records, and worksheets for you to write on, reorganize, and use as you teach your puppies and watch them grow. The workbook has 11 chapters, each containing a summary page of things to review for that week developmental milestones to watch for and activities, guidelines and tips, and recipes and shopping lists. It is a great tool to not only track your puppies' progress within the program, but also record your experiences to compare to any future litters! 


If you're ready to jump in with both feet, our Full Power Bundle for Breeders includes the original film, the workbook, AND the rest of our published works as well as some of our most popular items for free!