If for some reason you encounter a problem with your DVD or Blu-ray not working correctly, please follow these steps first before contacting us:

1. If you ordered a Blu-ray, make sure you are playing it in a Blu-ray player. A Blu-ray disc will not play in a standard DVD player or in a computer. 

2. If you are having problems with your Blu-ray discs not playing, check to make sure that your player software is up to date. Most older Blu-ray players have problems playing the newer discs but this can be solved by updating the software of the player. Most of the time you can update your player software through your tv but you will need Internet to the TV to do so. 

3. If you put the first DVD or Blu-ray disc in the player and it doesn't work, try the other discs first. If none of them work try them in another player or your computer. If they are DVDs, try to eliminate the possibility that it is your player.

If you are still having problems, please contact us through a Live Chat or Contact Us message through our website, or by calling us at 908-294-8794. 

When contacting us, please know that we are a small company and can't always respond immediately. We try really hard to answer your questions in a timely manner!

Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm EST.